The Gunpowder Plot with Cannons

Learn about the gunpowder plot from the perspective of the Catholics. Meet Lady Digby whose family owned the house. Lady Digby talks about her husband, Lord Digby, who was one of the gunpowder plotters, discover her secrets and see where she secretly prayed in the house. Meet Open Rope, a group of soldiers who helped to uncover the plot and arrest Lord Digby and Guy Fawkes, ask them questions and watch them use their own gunpowder to fire their cannons. Prepare to be amazed!

This is a morning session only and costs £9.70 per pupil

Please note after the morning activities the school group can have their lunch in the barn and play in the maze and gardens. Members of the public are not allowed onsite while there are schools visits and we only book one school group in at any one time.

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